AANHPI Heritage Month employee profile: Maya Fieweger

May is Asian-American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander Heritage Month, so throughout the month, we are spotlighting employees who help strengthen our culture, push our business forward and help Molson Coors thrive. Today, we chat with Maya Fieweger, Learning and Development Specialist at Rocky Mountain Bottle Company, and national lead of our AAPI employee resource group.

What does AANHPI Heritage Month mean to you? How do you celebrate/recognize the month?

AANHPI Heritage Month is a time to celebrate the many accomplishments of the AANHPI community. I recognize the month by spreading awareness and learning more about different AAPI individuals that have made contributions to the country such as Fred Korematsu.

Celebrating diverse voices shouldn’t be limited to one month. How can people be strong allies throughout the entire year?

I think being empathetic and curious to everyone’s differences is a great way to be an ally. Get to know those around you! Join an employee resource group (ERG). Remember, you don’t have to be affiliated with the ERG to be an ally for one.

Who is an AAPI leader or role model you look up to and why?

There are several, but the ones that stick out are Yuri Kochiyama and Fred Korematsu. Both fought for civil rights during WWII. Also, Patsy Mink who became the first Asian-American women of color to be elected to Congress.

What motivated you to join Molson Coors’ AAPI ERG?

I joined AAPI to try and be a representative for one of our underrepresented populations within the organization. I didn’t realize that joining the ERG would open up so many other opportunities for me, not just within the organization, but outside the organization too.

What has been your proudest moment as a member of AAPI?

Becoming the national lead. Because of the opportunities I’ve had, as a national lead, I’ve been able to step outside my comfort zone and find other opportunities outside of work to help the community in where I live.

What would you say to other Molson Coors members who are not Asian-American or Pacific Islanders who are considering joining AAPI?

Allyship is just as important when it comes to ERG membership. I believe is promotes an inclusive culture and allows others to learn about different groups of individuals that they may have not known before.

How do resources such as AAPI strengthen our first value of putting people first? How do they strengthen all of our values?

I think that resources such as AAPI strengthen our first value of putting people first by allowing us to have a voice and giving the organization a different perspective into different cultures. All of our values are strengthened by creating empathy and inclusivity into our day-to-day work.   

What can people do to raise awareness and educate themselves about the “Stop AAPI/Asian Hate” movement?

Some things people can do to raise awareness and educate themselves about the “Stop AAPI/Asian Hate” movement could be to educate yourself by doing things such as bystander training from organizations such as Hollaback and learn to be an ally. If you see something, say something, have empathy, and be kind.