Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month: Paola Alvenchzo

Throughout Hispanic Heritage Month, we're spotlighting employees who live Molson Coors' values every day. Today, we speak with Paola Alvenchzo, setup operator at the Shenandoah Brewery.  

Wanting to connect with employees and share cultures and experiences, Paola joined our employee resource group SALUD. Since becoming a member, Paola has been active in volunteering and making an impact on the brewery and community. And most importantly, she has been eager to share her recipes and talk about food with other members.

Q: Do you celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month? If so, how? If not, why?

I celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by getting together with my friends for drinks and food. We have fun discussing our lives and how proud we are to be Hispanic, especially for me as a Puerto Rican. Mofongo is definitely my favorite Puerto Rican dish, and it makes me homesick every time. I always feel closer to home when I eat it.

Q: From your own experience, can you talk about Latino inclusivity and why it’s so important?

I think our demographic has a lot to contribute to the workplace with experience and diversity. We are fun, unique problem solvers and a great fit for operations. Personally, I think I identify more with Hispanic, but I could identify with both. I like being included in the conversation when either is brought up.

Q: Who is a Latino leader or role model you look up to and why?

Everyone who is trying to step up in their lives and grow as a person is someone I would value as a role model. It can be hard out there, but when people keep trying and value their culture and heritage at the same time, it is admirable.

Q: Is there a book, movie, tv show or podcast you recommend people check out to learn more about Latino culture?

Lately I have really enjoyed “Gentefied” on Netflix. It has a little of everything and touches a lot of topics.