Celebrating Pride Month: Jennifer Carr, materials specialist

Throughout June, we will be spotlighting employees in celebration of Pride Month. This week, we are featuring Jennifer Carr, materials specialist at our Shenandoah Brewery in Elkton, Va. Read on to learn more about what Jennifer is doing to bring awareness to the accomplishments and experiences as an ally and member of our LAGER employee resource group, what others can do this month, and more importantly all year long, to be strong allies.  

Tell us about your day job at Molson Coors, how long you’ve been with the company and your role within LAGER? 

I have been the Materials Specialist at the Shenandoah brewery since December 2021. I handle defective materials, work with our suppliers on improvements and facilitate the qualification of new materials. Although I am new to the role, I have been with the company in various quality positions since 2016.

I joined Lager in 2021 and actively participate in our internal/external events. I want to help the ERG achieve its goals which include growing in numbers, promoting awareness and acceptance. 

What motivated you to join LAGER?

I have always considered myself to be a passionate ally. Growing up I had several friends in the LGBTQ+ community and witnessed some unaccepting behaviors towards them. No one should feel like an outsider because of their identity or sexuality, and I wanted to show my support at the workplace as well as be a resource for others.

How do you and other members of LAGER show their pride in the workplace?

This year I led the initiative to design and order custom LAGER shirts that will be distributed to all participating LAGER chapters for Pride month. They are bright pink camo. Keep an eye out! In addition, we sponsor local Pride events where we serve our products to the community.

What has been your proudest moment as a member of LAGER? 

I assisted in opening a relationship between Shenandoah’s LAGER group and Friendly City Safe Space, a local non-profit organization in Harrisonburg, VA that supports the LGBTQ+ community. We are now working towards supporting a racial equity program for the organization which will expand availability of LGBTQ+ resources, provide language services and educate the community about the intersection of race and LGBTQ+ community.

Who is an LGBTQ+ leader or role model you look up to and why?

Kayla Cook, Shenandoah’s LAGER lead. She always comes up with great ideas to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. Last year, she provided safe-space training for leadership on site. This year she is leading a collaboration with other ERGs during which employees are welcome to view documentaries pertaining to the different groups each ERG represents. She supports local LGBTQ+ businesses by sourcing their products for a Pride month treat to brewery employees each year.