Celebrating Pride Month: Martin Wall, customer service agent

In celebration of Pride Month, throughout June we will be spotlighting employees across Molson Coors. This week, we are featuring Martin Wall, customer service agent at our Burton-Upon-Trent brewery the U.K. Here, Martin talks about how he celebrates Pride, why he’s taken up camping and some of his LGBTQ+ heroes.

Q. What is your role and how long have you been with Molson Coors?

A. I joined Molson Coors in the U.K. in February this year and work in the technical services department, talking to customers and assisting them with any technical issues they may have. It’s an interesting and varied role and we do truly put people first.

Q. Why is Pride Month special to you? How do you celebrate/recognize the month?

A. Pride is a time for me to reflect on the progress we have made towards LGBTQ+ equality and to acknowledge that we stand on the shoulders of all those who have fought so hard over the years to achieve this. It is also a time for us to acknowledge that we still have so much more to do. I will celebrate with friends, family and work colleagues by attending a Pride event in Derby, U.K.

Q. As we emerge from the pandemic era, how have things changed over the last two years among the LGBTQ+ community? 

A. COVID-19 and the lockdown has highlighted and exacerbated existing inequalities in society - and this is no different for LGBTQ+ individuals. Mental health has been affected, thankfully the groups and clubs that provide a safe space are making a comeback. I have recently joined a group named Outdoor Lads, which is an outdoor activity-based group. I started on lockdown with Zoom quizzes and have been camping and hiking with them.

Q. During your time at Molson Coors, how has the culture evolved? What can people do to improve the culture?

A. In my short time here I have been very impressed with the inclusivity. Molson Coors understands that differing perspectives lead to challenging the expected, which keeps new ideas bubbling up.

Q. Who is an LGBTQ+ leader or role model you look up to and why?

A. I have many LGBTQ+ role models, anyone who has tried to make things a little easier for our community and gone against the grain will always earn my admiration. Peter Tatchell [broadcaster] has been a constant in my life as someone to identify with, his constant fight for equality is inspirational. In more recent times, musicians like Will Young and Lil Nas X have paved the way for future generations to embrace their own true selves.