Celebrating Pride Month: Jen McNeil, senior customer service planning analyst

In celebration of Pride Month, throughout June we will be spotlighting employees across Molson Coors. This week, we are featuring Jen McNeil, senior customer service planning analyst for exports at LatAm. As a member of the LGTBQ+ community herself, Jen has been a longtime leader advocating for the community, and she currently is the co-president of our employee resource group LAGER’s Milwaukee chapter. And it is working with all her different teams, from LatAm to exports to LAGER, that she has been able to grow a leader and individual.

“We are curious about each other and find connection working as teams, both on LatAm/exports and in LAGER,” she says, reflecting on her experience at Molson Coors. “Our differences really pull us together, not divide us. And we are always finding ways to have fun in and out of work!”

What motivated you to join LAGER?

I have been “out” for over 20 years now and I know how scared I was to let colleagues know about my life outside of work. Over time that eased up for me. Coming to Molson Coors was a leap forward. I married my wife (also named Jen) during my first year at what was then MillerCoors. I was amazed and am still in awe of the response from my coworkers who gave us gifts, cards, encouragement and unconditional support I had never imagined. I want to pass that good will and spirit on to those here at Molson Coors taking that leap forward too.

How do resources such as LAGER strengthen our first value of putting people first? How do they strengthen all of our values?

I feel like putting people first is what LAGER is mostly about. We want to feel like we can bring our whole selves to work, not someone that is a carbon copy of the person next to us. Being a part of LAGER is great way to connect and support each other just as we are. And I love that ANYONE can join LAGER. We are practicing inclusivity every day!  

Molson Coors is a longtime supporter of the community – going back to the 1970s. Why is it important for companies to support their LGBTQ+ workers and in the community as a whole?

To really help LGBTQ+ people feel included, there needs to be equity in all of the ways that non-LGBTQ+ people are able to take as a given. Molson Coors has a history of making that equity a reality for us. One big reason I felt a sense of trust coming to Molson Coors was knowing that our company was one of the first in the beverage industry to offer same-sex domestic partner benefits. This year Canada is even rolling out benefits for gender reassignment and gender-affirming care. I feel we are on the cutting edge and forefront of making LGBTQ+ history, and I love riding the wave of that momentum as a part of LAGER.

Why is Pride Month special to you?

How lucky are we in the LGBTQ+ community to get a whole of celebration and recognition! In Milwaukee, Pride is made even more special by being the first event each year at the Summerfest grounds. Molson Coors has marched in the Pride Parade since 2017.