Molson welcomes ‘everyone in’ to its backyard

✓ The “Backyards” project is a continuation of Molson’s award-winning “Everyone In” campaign 
✓ The new ads focus on summer, the busiest beer selling season  
✓ Molson brands grew share and revenue in 2023

Version Française 

Last year, Molson invited “everyone in.” Now it’s continuing the campaign by inviting fans to “find their backyard.”  

“We picked backyards because they represent a place where we gather and connect with friends, neighbors and loved ones,” says Kristin Lucente, marketing manager for the Molson family of brands. “Whether people do that in a literal backyard, or just embrace that state of mind, the campaign is all about bringing people together and providing a place to create meaningful connections.”  

Molson is giving it a huge push, as the brand hopes to continue the positive momentum from last year when it grew share and revenue in Canada for the first time in many years, according to Beer Canada. Recently, it achieved the No. 2 beer position in Ontario.  

Celebrating summer 

The award-winning “Everyone In” was a huge catalyst in Molson’s success last year, but the ads also showcased mostly interior scenes. The campaign’s backyard theme highlights how much Canadians celebrate warmer weather, Lucente says.  

“Knowing summer is the biggest season for beer, we wanted to be a part of that conversation,” she says. “Even though summers can be fleeting, Canadians really embrace them. Give us a warm day in April, and it is suddenly patio season and people are wearing shorts.”  

The centerpiece of the campaign is a series of TV ads showcasing one neighbor knocking over another neighbor’s fence, which, after a moment of uncertainty, leads to everyone joining together to break down more barriers and celebrate together with cans of Molson Canadian, Ultra, Export and Exel in hand.  

“The essence of the backyards platform is truly breaking down barriers and bringing people together,” says Lucente.  

Launched during the first game of the Toronto Maple Leafs’ playoff series last week, the ad is available in 30- and 15-second versions, and in both English and French.  

The campaign also includes digital spots and out-of-home displays. It’ll also include some upcoming summer events, where Molson plans to bring its own backyard to consumers.  

“We're going to bring consumers into our roaming backyard,” says Lucente. “It’ll go across Canada this summer and people will get to be welcomed into Molson’s backyard.”  

The plan is to have Molson products wherever Canadians are celebrating together this summer, including during the Summer Games held in Paris.  

“The intention of the campaign is truly about inviting everyone in and bringing us all together to share in that backyard feeling,” says Lucente.