Career Paths: Dana Schott’s 10-year journey at Molson Coors

As Dana Schott approaches her 10-year anniversary at Molson Coors, she spent some time reflecting on her career journey. From finance to commercial accounting to space lab, Dana has had a rich history with Molson Coors, making an impact on our organization’s evolution while also developing a wide range of skillsets.

Today, Dana is a space field specialist. Read on to learn more about how she benefited and grew from making cross-functional moves.

Q: How has working across functions helped your professional development?

I have been able to strengthen my relationship building skillset within the organization. Over the course of my career, I have made a lot of connections here, and working across functions has helped me learn how to adapt to different communication styles and how different aspects of the organization problem solve and collaborate. It’s been great to walk into the pub and recognize someone you can cheers with and strengthen your social skillset!

Q: What skills have you gained from working across functions?

I love meeting new people and getting to know their background. I love building relationships and learning something new every day. So, when I came to Molson Coors, I knew I had a lot of opportunities to explore to build on my interests. From working in different functions, I have enhanced my teamwork, collaboration, communication, leadership, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. I also am now a certified beer server, and am pretty good at Beer Tetris.

Q: How did your manager support you as you pursued roles in different functions?

My manager assisted in setting up time with people within the department I was interested in. I was able to help with a side project and had the ability to shadow the department. I was having conversations within my 1-on-1s and put it into my professional development plan, and my manager and I worked to bring it to life.

Q: Why are cross-functional moves equally as important and impactful as vertical moves?

Sometimes you need to build a deeper knowledge of a new function to really succeed, especially if you are going to be teaching and managing others in that function. Taking a horizontal role is only setting you up for greater success in your future role.