Coors Light taps its advertising budget to reward fans

There’s chill, and then there’s “Chill Harder.”

Coors Light’s latest effort to connect with rural consumers comes with chance for a big pay day: Instead of buying traditional ads, Coors Light will repurpose a portion of its local advertising budget to pay more than 5,000 of its biggest fans up to $50,000 to put their own spin on a Coors Light ad.

The catch? Fans must create and showcase the brand’s “Chill Harder” logo to be considered.

"Coors Light drinkers are passionate about their favorite beer and their favorite pastimes. We can’t wait to see what they come up with,” says Lauren Schirripa, marketing manager for Coors Light.

Think carving the logo into a pumpkin, doodling on a coaster or even carving it into wood. To enter, fans age 21 and up must post a picture of their art on Instagram or Twitter, tagging @CoorsLight with the #ChillHarder and #Contest hashtags.

The bigger the masterpiece, the bigger the potential payout.

  • For small entries (6–30 inches) 5,000 people could earn $10
  • For medium entries (50–90 inches), 100 fans could get $500
  • For large entries (100 inches – 20 feet), 10 fans could get $5,000

One winner will receive a grand prize of $50,000 and have their work featured on a billboard in their hometown. To qualify for the title of Chill Harder Champ, the logo must be at least 100 inches to 20 feet long (more details are online).

Entries, which must be received by Dec. 10, will be judged based on their size, creativity, permanence and relevance. Payouts will be distributed soon after.

The program is the latest iteration of Coors Light’s successful three-year-old “Made to Chill” campaign. It includes the release of a suite of localized marketing assets – from new creative for digital and out-of-home ads to a “Chill Harder” tap handle – that celebrate beloved outdoor activities and icons, like ATVs, snowmobiling and pickup trucks.

Coors Light also released new merchandise, including gear from Carhartt, on its e-commerce store.

With “Chill Harder,” Coors Light can connect with rural drinkers in a way that other brands cannot, Schirripa says.

“Localization is really the secret sauce of ‘Made to Chill,’” she says, citing the campaign’s success across the U.S., where it’s latched on to local icons and landmarks. “We’re working to be relevant and speaking directly to our fans, whether they live in Wisconsin or North Carolina.”