12 days of bourbon and blue skies ahead for Coors Spirits Co.

It’s been four months since Molson Coors shook up the whiskey world with the acquisition of Blue Run Spirits, whose “sneakerizing” of whiskey has won industry acclaim.

While both Blue Run and Coors Spirits Co. have spent some time getting to know each other, neither has slowed down.

“Two years ago, we didn’t have a spirts program at all,” says David Coors, executive chairman of Coors Spirits Co., Molson Coors’ spirits division. “What we have now is a portfolio of award-winning brands across price points and propositions, and a fully established team to help us keep growing.”


Bringing Blue Run Spirits into the fold established Coors Spirits Co., with its Five Trail blended American whiskey and Barmen 1873 bourbon brands, as a player in spirits. With its brands racking up industry awards,  it’s also growing distribution. Five Trail and Barmen are now available in 26 states, while Blue Run can be found in 28 states, as well as online.

  • Coors Spirits Co.’s volume in 2023 is more than triple its output in 2022, Coors says.


With the key spirits-selling season underway, Coors Spirits Co. is finding ways to get its products in front of consumers.

  • Its “Legendary Pairing” program is linking together two Coors icons with retail tools that aim to show that Barmen 1873 and Coors Banquet are the perfect duo for the holidays, in the on- and off-premise.
  • It’s supporting the program with retail tools, as well as digital and social advertising and influencer partnership.

“Banquet and Barmen are a perfect pair any time of the year, but especially during the holidays,” Coors says. “Our retailers and distributors have been getting great displays out there of these two outstanding brands together for the first time.”

Coors on tour

Meanwhile, Coors has been crisscrossing the country, participating in whiskey tastings, jumping on whiskey podcasts, and helping to educate whiskey drinkers and retailers about Five Trail, Barmen and Blue Run.

“I’ve done probably 40 or 50 samplings, and the team is also out there hitting the streets and driving awareness of our brands and what we stand for,” he says. “We’re doing all the right things, and we’re committed to building it one step at a time.”

  • Molson Coors is further investing in the venture by growing its spirits-focused sales force.

Blue Run’s 12 Days of Bourbon

12 Days of Bourbon

Blue Run earned a reputation around its highly anticipated whiskey releases, many of which sell out in minutes. It’s ending the year with the third iteration of its 12 Days of Bourbon – a week-and-a-half-long frenzy of new single-barrel releases that lasts through Dec. 12.

  • Selling online for $179.99, each expression is packed with flavors and aromas that call to mind the best parts of the holidays, from grandma’s sugar cookies and spiced eggnog to the temptations of the punch bowl and more.
  • Beginning Dec. 12, it’s also selling a limited-edition holiday calendar for whiskey lovers that includes a 750-ml bottle of Blue Run High Rye Bourbon, eight 2-oz samples from the 12 Days of Bourbon collection, a 4-oz. tasting glass, a 4-oz. flask, a specialty ornament and more.

“The beauty of single barrels is you get more nuances, more layers, more of everything,” says Mike Montgomery, vice president of Coors Spirits Co and founder of Blue Run Spirits. “With a blend, you get more smoothness, more of the bourbon notes people are familiar with, like vanilla and caramel. On a single barrel, it’s like a rocket ship ride: you strap on your seatbelt and prepare yourself for a new and unique journey."


With Molson Coors looking to plant its foot firmly on the gas in 2024, David Coors says the company’s spirits arm can help it reach its ambitions to premiumize its portfolio and expand its beyond beer credentials.

And, Montgomery says, Molson Coors’ whiskey investments are coming at the right time.

“We’re gaining steam. We’ve invested more in these brands collectively than we have in the past separately,” he says. “We are returning to the heyday of brown spirits and consumers are excited. This is the moment.”