Freshly Pressed Crispin Craft Cider

The craft beer renaissance has done incredible things to celebrate the creative brains behind our favorite beers (aka brewmasters) and the meccas of malt and hops where beer is brewed (aka breweries). I, for one, think cider deserves the same love.  Just as beer is crafted by a brewmaster in a brewery, ciders are created by a cider master in a cidery. Crispin Cider Company ciders are crafted by cider master, Bruce Nissen at the Crispin cidery in Colfax, California. The cidery is an easy drive from the great orchards of the Pacific Northwest, where Crispin gets all of its apples and pears.

Crispin ciders are crisp and clean, not sweet and sticky. If you haven’t tried Crispin ciders yet, do it. Now! (This blog will be here when you get back). Crispin ferments its ciders from fresh-pressed American apples and pears. Other high-end ciders depend on powders or concentrate. Fermenting from fresh-pressed juice elevates the taste and aroma of this incredible product.

Crispin Cider Company

A lot of care and commitment goes into every bottle of Crispin. And it all starts at a small cidery in Colfax, California. Watch this video to see a bit about where Crispin’s ciders are made and the people who make them.