Throwback Thursday: Miller High Life at the Wisconsin State Fair

Throughout much of the 1950s, the Miller Brewing Co. (now MillerCoors) ran the Miller High Life stand at the Wisconsin State Fair in West Allis. The Miller establishment had a staff of 40, including field sales people, and could seat 128 customers.

The Miller High Life Stand was located just south of the old grandstand. The above photo was taken around 1952 and was provided by the MillerCoors Milwaukee Archives.

Food at the Fair

Serving Miller High Life Beer to fairgoers was the primary mission, but the service didn’t stop there. The food menu was provided by a caterer and included prime roast beef, Plankinton hearts of ham, bread and rolls, and homemade pickles. During the fair more than four thousand people a day stopped in for food and refreshment.

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