Five Trail grows offerings, expands distribution

Five Trail, the award-winning blended American whiskey from Coors Whiskey Company, said today it will expand into three new states and release four new expressions, including the second iteration of its flagship blend.

The brand, introduced last fall as Molson Coors Beverage Company’s first foray into full-strength spirits, is building on a strong debut, with results buoyed by a string of positive media reviews and a host of the spirits industry’s top accolades.

“We’re building off a really successful inaugural batch with an homage to our debut expression, but with some subtle variations,” says Kim Fox, marketing manager for wine and spirits at Molson Coors. “Batch 002 brings out slightly new sensory cues, but stays within our flavor profile, with a sweet start and spicy finish. We want to provide drinkers with something familiar, but with a unique nuance every year.”

Five Trail’s 2022 batch is made of six-year Colorado single malt, four-year Indiana wheated bourbon, four-year Kentucky four-grain bourbon and 12-year Kentucky bourbon.

The result is a golden amber whiskey with an aroma of sweet caramel, pecans and biscuit with hints of wood sugar, caramel, apple, white cherry, smoke, ginger and allspice. The finish is easy going and lingering with notes of oak, ginger and a nutty balance. It’s bottled in partnership with Bardstown Bourbon Company.

Sold in eight states (Colorado, Georgia, Kentucky, Nevada, New York, Texas, Wisconsin, and as of July, Tennessee), the flagship Five Trail blend is expanding to Kansas, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania in October.

It caps a banner first year for the brand, which took home some of the spirits industry’s top awards, including a double gold from the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition, platinum best of class in the SIP Awards and double platinum in the 2022 Ascot Awards.

“The recognition validates what we’re doing. It shows we’re a serious player in whiskey,” says David Coors, vice president of next generation beverages for Molson Coors.

The blended American whiskey, which retails for $59.99, is also adding three new expressions, sold in limited quantities (retailing for $79.99), which Coors says will appeal to whiskey aficionados as they browse the shelf.

“These small-batch expressions showcase the best of our components. They show we can offer multiple blends in different products,” says Fox. “Whiskey consumers are looking for new and unique expressions. Five Trail is delivering.”

Barrel Proof: Barrel Proof takes the Batch 002 blend and bottles it at 119 proof. A whiff unlocks aromas of cinnamon brioche, milk chocolate, ginger, caramel apple and vanilla pudding. A sip features notes of caramel, marshmallow, and candied dates, with ginger, cinnamon, and black pepper on the end, finishing with caramel, ginger, oak tannin and campfire smoke.

Cask Finish Series: Bottled at 95 proof, it’s crafted from a blend of four-year Indiana wheated bourbon, four-year Kentucky four-grain bourbon, four-year Colorado single malt and seven-year Indiana rye. The whiskeys are rested in Imperial Porter barrels from the AC Golden Brewing Company in Golden, Colo., and cut to proof with Rocky Mountain water. It features notes of biscuit, roasted nuts and caramel on the nose with hints of toffee, vanilla pudding, apple, candied date, almond, oak, black tea and cinnamon crumb cake on the palate. Expect a finish of nuts, delicate ginger and cinnamon.

Small Batch Blend: The Small Batch is blended from a base of four-year Indiana wheated bourbon, four-year Kentucky four-grain bourbon, eight-year Colorado single malt whiskey and 17-year Tennessee whiskey. Honey amber in color, this whiskey has notes of warm baked bread, slight citrus, ginger, white pepper and cardamom on the nose with honeyed granola, creamy vanilla, orange marmalade, oak and honeysuckle with a bit of paprika on the palate. The finish is warm and powerful ginger and oak melded with a smoky overlay. It’s bottled at 95 proof.

“We’re setting a foundation to become more meaningful in this category,” Coors says. “We’re playing a long game, but we’re encouraged by the early results.”