Miller High Life, Phillip Ashley Chocolates team up for bar snack truffles collection

Miller High Life is going beyond the dive bar for a new partnership with renowned chocolatier Phillip Ashley – better known as the man behind Phillip Ashley Chocolates.

Ashley, whose innovative chocolates have won him widespread admiration as one of America’s premier chocolatiers, found inspiration in the Champagne of Beers for a limited-edition line of gourmet chocolate truffles that toast the flavors and memories made in dive bars everywhere – and which are infused with Miller High Life.

“I have great memories of Miller High Life, and one of my favorites is pairing it with a grilled cheese, so that was the jumping off point for this collection,” says Ashley, who got his start selling his high-end chocolates out of the back of his car in Memphis.

Starting May 2 — National Truffle Day — legal-age consumers can purchase six-packs of the Miller High Life Bar Snack Truffles to get a taste of Ashley’s twist on savory dive-bar snacks, like pretzels, popcorn, chicken wings, beer nuts, grilled cheese and fries. The treats will be available on the Phillip Ashley Chocolates website for $35. 

“How do we capture the sensory experience of a bar? What flavors evoke that experience of enjoying a High Life with your friends at your favorite spot? That’s what we set out to do with this Miller High Life collaboration. And we ended up with some pretty amazing results,” Ashley says. 

Miller High Life has found new ways to celebrate dive bar flavors in recent years. Last year, it partnered with alco-ice cream maker Tipsy Scoop to introduce ice cream bars infused with the essence of dive bars. And its gingerbread dive bar was a hit around the holidays the year before.  

“Miller High Life is a favorite of dive-bar patrons, bartenders and chefs everywhere, so it’s not a stretch to see how we could put a unique twist on these familiar flavors,” says Bob Vydra, associate marketing manager for Miller High Life. “Plus, Miller High Life is all about celebrating the craftsmanship that artisans like Chef Phillip are known for.” 

The Miller High Life Bar Snacks Truffles are available in six flavors: 

Grilled Cheese - Decadent triple cream cheese white chocolate ganache in a blond chocolate shell.  

Lemon Pepper Chicken Wing - A fried chicken ganache infused with lemon pepper seasoning. A lemon, pepper twist on your average chicken wing. 

Pretzel Praline- Salted pretzel and roasted pecans combined with handcrafted caramel and blond chocolate to make the ultimate sweet and salty bite.  

Beernut - Freshly roasted peanuts soaked in the Champagne of Beers, then ground into a fragrant beernut butter and enrobed in a milk chocolate shell.  

Buttery Popcorn - White chocolate ganache infused with movie theatre-style popcorn.  

Sweet Potato Fry - Garnett sweet potato mash blended with blond chocolate for a sweet and savory bon bon.