Miller High Life merges dive bar flavors with ice cream

It’s no surprise to find Miller High Life at a dive bar. But an ice cream bar?

Miller High Life and alco-ice cream maker Tipsy Scoop are teaming up to make ice cream bars infused with the essence of dive bars – peanuts, sticky floors and, naturally, Miller High Life.

“These are premium ice cream bars that are reminiscent of all the scents and tastes of the dive bar that you actually want to taste,” says Bob Vydra, associate marketing manager for Miller High Life. “They’re an ode to the High Life – in the form of ice cream.”

Available for a limited time starting today, the Miller High Life Ice Cream Bars are sold online through Tipsy Scoop’s and GoldBelly’s websites, as well as at Tipsy Scoop locations in New York.

But about that dive bar flavor…

“We’ve put together everything we love about dive bars into these premium ice cream bars infused with the Champagne of Beers,” Vydra says.

That includes:

- a chocolate dipping to evoke the dark wood and dim lighting in dive bars.

  • a peanut swirl, a nod to classic dive-bar snack;
  • a hint of vanilla smoke flavor that invoke dive bars’ distinct smell;
  • a swirl of caramel to represent dive bars’ sticky floors (no worn carpet flavor here); and
  • a sprinkle of fizzy, carbonated candy to bring Miller High Life’s effervescence to every bite

The beer brand also is offering legal-age fans a chance to win the ice cream bars through a sweepstakes on Fans who aren’t able to purchase the ice cream bars can enter for a chance to win a six-pack of the treat itself from Aug. 22 through Sept. 4.

The Champagne of Beers’ new treat follows the release of a new ad that shows people celebrating life’s everyday achievements with a High Life in hand, a ritual which, Vydra says, can now be performed with ice cream.

“It’s summer. It’s hot. We think everyone deserves to reward themselves. What better way than with High Life and ice cream?”