Coors Light unveils cold-activated aluminum cups for bars and restaurants

Coors Light is bringing the magic of its cold-activated cans and bottles into draft beer this summer, unveiling new 22-ounce aluminum cups with mountains that turn blue when the cups are filled with cold beer.

The World’s Most Refreshing Beer is making nearly a half million cold-activated cups available to bars, taverns and restaurants around the country, where legal.

“What makes this cup so powerful is that it brings the entire Coors Light brand experience to life,” says Dana Mason, associate brand manager. “When drinkers hold this cup, it’s cold to the touch, and the mountains turn blue, indicating the beer is cold and ready to drink. It allows us to deliver our cold refreshment message on draft.”


Depending on state and local laws, bars and restaurants will make the cups available to legal-age drinkers either for purchase, as giveaways or as part of promotions, such as “buy a bucket, get a cup,” Mason says.

Emblazoned with the red-and-gray Coors Light logo set over the brand’s distinct mountain motif, the cups use thermochromatic ink that changes from a neutral gray/white color to blue when cold. It’s a similar technology the brand uses with its cans, pints and bottle labels.

Coors Light plans to begin rolling out customized cups featuring the logos of its football alliance partners starting later this summer, as well as Halloween-themed cups later in the fall.

“They create some retail theater for us in the on-premise,” Mason says. The cups are “great for draft drink specials” and other promotions that help boost volume and offer drinkers “a fun way to interact with the brand.”