Crispin Cider to award pear-shaped diamond ring in National Prosecco Day contest

National Prosecco Day? More like National Pearsecco Day.

That’s the idea, at least, behind a contest from Crispin Cider that will reward a lucky winner with a $10,000 pear-shaped diamond engagement ring in honor of its Pearsecco flavor.

The contest, which kicks off today and runs until Aug. 30, asks consumers to share why they’re the perfect pair in 150 words or less, along with an image that “represents their love.” The entries will be reviewed by a panel of judges and a winner announced in mid-September.

“Crispin celebrates the important moments that matter,so we are excited to help celebrate an upcoming marriage proposal,” says Danielle Rappoport, marketing director of ciders, Mexican imports and flavored malt beverages at MillerCoors. “We know the cost of an engagement ring is a reason some proposals are put on hold, so we want to make it easier for one lucky couple to tie the knot."

The goal is to make a media splash and introduce more drinkers to the ascendant Crispin brand, which leads with a portfolio of wine-inspired flavors. Coming off a record year powered by the introduction of Crispin Rosé Hard Cider, the Crispin franchise overall is up 20.3% in case volume year-to-date, according to Nielsen all-outlet and convenience data. Bolstered by expanded distribution over the summer and growth in its variety packs, the franchise is accelerating, up 51.7% in the most-recent four-week period.

Last year’s success with Crispin Rosé paved the way for Crispin Pearsecco Hard Cider, another wine-inspired flavor that represents the marriage of pear-based cider with a bubbly prosecco taste. The newest flavor in the Crispin portfolio launched earlier this year as part of a new 12-pack slim-can variety pack that also includes Crispin Rosé and Crispin Brut, and later as a standalone six-pack.

“We already source a lot of volume from wine, and Pearsecco is part of our strategy to bring more drinkers into the hard cider category,” Rappoport says.

Light and effervescent with a wisp of sweetness, Crispin Pearsecco is light golden in color and finishes dry, similar to an Italian prosecco. It has been featured in publications such as Bustle, Cosmopolitan, Elite Daily and Simplemost, the latter of which dubbed the cider the “newest summer drink you didn’t know you needed in your life.

The winner of the National Prosecco Day contest will be chosen according to the creativity, detail and originality of their love-story submission.

In addition to the ring the winner also will win a $1,500 pre-paid card to put toward a supply of Crispin Pearsecco for their engagement party or wedding.