Encouraging Others to #CelebrateSafe

If you reflect on the spirit of the holidays, it conjures up all kinds of good things.  Mostly surrounding family and friends, generosity and love, home and of course, food.

More often than not, capturing the spirit of the holidays usually requires some kind of journey. Believe me, I lived 6 hours away from my family for over 30 years, so my journeys to celebrate the holidays have included almost every kind of ride on wheels you can think of.  But roll with me here, it’s that one ride, that one crazy journey,  that  sometimes ends up taking on the most interesting and colorful of memories that capture the spirit of the holiday in the most unexpected and delightful way.

It’s with that intention the responsibility team focused our holiday efforts to help find folks a ride and capture a glimpse of the spirit of the season. Getting a ride after a celebration shouldn’t be chore, it should be part of the adventure—a celebration in itself.  We provided rides in all kinds of communities from Charleston, West Virginia to Phoenix to New York City. Our rides included trains, taxis, black cars and designated drivers.  We partnered with HAILO to offer one of the largest responsibility initiatives in MillerCoors history, and provided our consumers with $1,000,000 worth of rides in three cities: Chicago, New York and Boston. We encouraged them to capture that one awesome moment where they decided to #CelebrateSafe.

We saw tweets and photos from all over the country. We even saw a great video that came from our friends at Manhattan Beer in New York City.

Didn’t see it?  Well don’t miss it. Check it out and join me in sending big thanks to our friends at Manhattan beer for hitting the message out of the ball park. No one captured the spirit of this program better.

While the holiday season is over, we encourage all of you to continue to #CelebrateSafe, no matter what the occasion.