Zima’s back

Today marks the retail start date for the iconic 90s clear malt beverage. It will be widely available in time for the Fourth of July.

But then it will be gone by Labor Day.

The return of Zima has generated plenty of excitement since word first leaked out earlier this year. And that anticipation has been building leading up to the comeback.

 “The 90’s have become the quintessential decade for nostalgia, so it’s time for the return of our 90s icon,” said Tristan Meline, senior marketing manager for Zima. “The press coverage and consumer feedback has been incredible. We will support Zima with influential partnerships, retail activation and digital, all to entice consumers to try ‘Zomething different.’”

Zima was a pop culture phenomenon when it was launched in 1994, and was ultimately discontinued in 2008. For a trip down memory lane, check out the Zima website.