Women in Manufacturing series: Advice for women seeking a STEM career

It’s no secret that the beer and beverage industry long has been dominated by males. That’s slowly – but steadily – changing.

Molson Coors is on a journey to create a more inclusive, diverse and representative workforce, including among our manufacturing and operations functions across our American business. That includes bringing more women into our breweries.

As part of that initiative, the company has expanded its partnership with Women in Manufacturing (WiM), a national trade association dedicated to providing year-round support to women in the manufacturing industry.

Through Molson Coors’ partnership with WiM, seven women will participate in the Empowering Women Production program, which is designed to support the professional development of production floor employees.

Today, the company counts more women in its breweries than in any time in its history. In honor of that progress, we’re spotlighting some of these women, each of whom plays a critical role in the company’s success.

What advice would you give to young women looking to pursue a career in brewing or STEM?


Paola Alvenchzo ToroPaola Alvenchzo Toro, Setup Operator – Shenandoah Brewery

As a woman working in this industry, you will be surrounded mostly by men, and it is sometimes hard to feel confident about your work. While it can be challenging sometimes, it is equally very rewarding. The best advice I can give is to trust yourself and don’t be scared of putting yourself out there. I would encourage young women to never be afraid of bringing diversity with your opinion and ideas and to always follow your passion. Throughout your career, be sure to take advantage of every opportunity you’re given. Be curious, work hard and keep learning every day. And always remember to recognize, appreciate and be proud of your achievements.


Millie NugentMillie Nugent, Production Technician 2 – Trenton Brewery

It’s OK if you don’t know exactly what you are doing at first. Ask questions and do not stop until you get your answers. Learn your job and do it well. You'll be surprised how much you can learn and apply it outside of the brewery. 





Brenda ReimerBrenda Reimer, Brewery Worker – Milwaukee Brewery

I am a brewery worker in the finishing department. I have worked in this department for 16 years. I have always had a fascination with mechanical things, but I have not always followed that fascination. What I have found working in my department is you need to have a willingness to learn, listen and pay attention. With my knowledge of the department, I have helped train management and co-workers. I have helped to troubleshoot problems using my knowledge of the process. And because of all my experience, I am able to assist the tradespeople with problems. Every day can be a new learning experience working here, and you can't be afraid to jump in.