With Blood & Honey Light, Revolver builds off flagship’s success

Throughout Revolver Brewing’s 10-year history, its Blood & Honey golden ale has been its flagship. With the introduction of new Blood & Honey Light, the North Texas brewery is looking to bring in more drinkers with a lighter version of one of their favorite beers.

The 4.5% alcohol-by-volume Blood & Honey Light, which was introduced in March, gives Revolver a sessionable sipper. And while the light version comes in at nearly half the ABV of original, the 110-calorie serving will still be familiar to fans of Blood & Honey, says James Gleaves, Revolver’s president.

“You’re going to get the same taste profile as Blood & Honey; it’s just going to be a lighter version,” says Gleaves. “And it’s not a watered-down version. That’s the key here and that was the task for our brewers, who did an amazing job.”

The result is a lighter, more sessionable beer – that continues to feature blood orange peel and Texas honey – built for Texas summers and fall football tailgates.

Gleaves says it was important to maintain the same flavor profile to reinforce the reputation Blood & Honey has built over the last decade as North Texas’ No. 1 local craft brand, and to respect what it means to consumers.

“It reinforces the flavors while giving them another option, really tying into 10 years of an iconic brand’s growth, while accounting for a change in our consumers’ consumption habits and matching it,” says Gleaves.

Revolver is introducing Blood & Honey drinkers to the light version in a low-stakes setting with the introduction of a unique Blood & Honey 50/50 pack, a 12-pack split between both beers. Not only does it help build awareness of Blood & Honey Light, it also highlights the tandem’s ability to work together in any occasion, Gleaves says.

Blood & Honey Light has gotten off to a hot start since its launch in March, already accounting for about 3% of Revolver’s sales, Gleaves says. That’s a preview of things to come, he says.

“Our consumers have been asking for something like Blood & Honey Light, and we’ve been really happy with the results, so far,” he says. “Looking ahead, we think it will be a really important part of our portfolio for years to come.”

More than anything, Blood & Honey Light gives Revolver stronger footing in a competitive craft beer market and gives drinkers more ways to enjoy its products, lone-star style.

“If a Blood & Honey fan tries a Blood & Honey Light, they are going to opt into both options and it’s just going to be a matter of the occasion,” says Gleaves. “We’re always reinventing ourselves, and we feel like what we delivered is what the consumer has been asking for.”