Steel Reserve Alloy Series celebrates launch of seventh flavor with limited-edition cans

When your aunt gets too flirty with your boyfriend. When your uncle wants to talk politics. When you get asked why you’re single for the 3rd year in a row. 

It’s #AlloySZN.

Steel Reserve Alloy Series knows the awkward interactions that come along with spending time with family members during the holidays. And it’s celebrating them with a round of limited-edition cans that hit shelves in select markets this week to help support the launch of the brand’s seventh flavor, Spiked Strawberry Burst. 

Black shiny stickers featuring seven awkward moments that drinkers may encounter over the holidays — one for each Steel Reserve Alloy Series flavor — emblazon the 24-ounce cans, which will be available in three markets for a limited time.

“This time of the year, a lot of our core drinkers — millennials and older Gen Z consumers — are coming home for the holidays and encountering funny, awkward holiday moments,” says Alex Pascutoi, associate marketing manager for the brand. “We’ve all been there, and we’re looking to do something fun with the brand to capitalize on this shared cultural moment.”

Spiked Strawberry Burst, a pink-hued flavored malt beverage, has a bold strawberry flavor and a lingering sweet finish. It is packed with the fruit-forward flavors favored by younger legal-age drinkers, Pascutoi says.

The new flavor was a natural extension for the 8% alcohol-by-volume brand, which is known for its subversive branding, colorful appearance and fruity flavors.

The brand franchise continues to outperform the beer market as a whole. It is up high single digits this year and has grown volume every year since its 2014 release, fueled by the release of new flavors.

And despite relatively low awareness levels among consumers, the Alloy franchise is up 7.3% in volume and 7.6% in sales dollars year-to-date through Oct. 26, according to Nielsen all-outlet and convenience data. The brand tends to perform even better in independent convenience stores, many of which Nielsen data does not capture.

“We continue to grow, and we’re looking at another record year,” Pascutoi says. “With the launch of Spiked Strawberry Burst and our holiday can promotion, we’re letting more drinkers know we’re here for you, we get you, and we’re recognizing you in a fun way.”