In Canada, Coors Light takes the crown as top-selling light beer

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Coors Light is once again the top-selling light beer in Canada.

In March, Coors Light surpassed Bud Light to take the crown – becoming the country’s No. 2 beer, overall – a direct result of its strategic sales approach and the "Made to Chill” campaign that launched in 2021, says Jeanene Miniaci, senior marketing manager for Coors Light in Canada.

“The campaign has really helped give consumers a clear and concise message about Coors Light being the beer that lets you take a moment of refreshment for yourself,” she says. “We’ve seen positive performance since ‘Made to Chill’ launched in Canada and we’re focused on maintaining that momentum for the rest of the year and beyond.”

Coors Light has grown volume sales by 4.3% since last year, according to Beer Canada data through May, helping it take more than 22 share of total beer.  It’s the only beer among Canada’s top three to gain share in 2023; Budweiser and Bud Light have lost .22% and 3.8%, respectively. Meanwhile, the total beer category in Canada was up .93% during that time.

Since crossing the threshold in March, Coors Light has continued to gain steam, Miniaci says, thanks in part to the brand’s plans around summer, beer’s strongest selling season. The brand’s “Welcome to Temporary Retirement” program kicked off earlier this summer and gives consumers a chance to win $10,000 to live out their (temporary) retirement dreams; it’s also a major sponsor of music festivals across the country, including Quebec’s massive Osheaga Music Festival. Coors Light has big plans for the upcoming Civic Holiday next month, as well, upping its media spend through Labor Day.

And, Miniaci says, Coors Light’s partnerships with the Toronto Raptors and six Canadian Football League teams will help drive momentum and consumer engagement through the fall and winter.

Coors’ comeback

Beer may be Canada’s most consumed alcoholic beverage, but between 2012 and 2022, beer sales in Canada had fallen 8.8%, according to Statistics Canada.

Coors Light, like many beer brands, felt the pinch.

But in 2021, after a successful launch in the U.S., Coors Light brought “Made to Chill” north. The Canadian campaign built on its work in the U.S., where it gave the brand a jolt that positioned Coors Light as the official beer of finding a moment to relax, recharge and, well, chill.

Ads like Coors Light’s well-regarded “Bra” spot, where a woman sips a Coors Light while taking off her bra after a long day, and “Mascots,” where two dog-tired rival mascots kick back with a Silver Bullet, helped elevate the brand.

“It’s those little moments that helped humanize the brand,” Miniaci says. “They’re moments many people can relate to. We like to call them ‘shoulders down’ moments.

Now, fully entrenched in the top spot, Coors Light has no plans to cede first place.

“We're going to keep showing Canadians why Coors Light is the No. 1 light beer in Canada. We have the right credentials, the right platform with ‘Made to Chill,’ the right sales strategy and the right team,” Miniaci says. “We’re focused on accelerating the momentum.”