The verdict's in: consumers love the Coors Light Chill Train

With more than 100 million fans tuning into the big game, Coors Light’s iconic Chill Train crashed through the Rocky Mountains to rescue an awkward gameday party, delivering chill across North America. And Coors Light’s first-ever big-game ad was a hit with consumers, scoring a 300% increase in social mentions during the game, according to internal data.

“Our fans had been clamoring for the return of the train, and the Chill Train definitely delivered,” says Sofia Colucci, Molson Coors’ chief marketing officer. “We’re proud of our results, and we’re thrilled we could bring chill and refreshment during this iconic moment.”

The ad was a hit with fans on social media, who cheered the return of Coors Light's train, the nostalgia of the O'Jay's "Love Train" and the cool factor of actor-musician LL COOL J, who starred as the Chill Train's conductor.

“Coors Light is so back,” wrote one user. “LL Cool J poppin in on the Coors Light Chill Train – now that was cool,” said another. “The Coors Light ad was legit good,” said a third.

Other brands took notice, as well.

Pepsi comments on the Coors Light Chill Train.

Coors Light also released an extended version of its ad online, featuring 100 fans who won a chance to be included in the spot, as well as Coors Light icons like football commentator Kirk Herbstreit and his dog, Ben, and “Pardon My Take” hosts Dan “Big Cat” Katz and PFT Commentator. Plus, it featured a sneaky return of the Coors Light Beer Wolf, the ball-cap-and-bandana-wearing fan favorite from the 1980s.

Molson Coors wins the ‘Retail Bowl’

Perhaps most importantly, Molson Coors won at retail, as its brands gained more share of displays than any other major brewer in the past weeks, according to Circana. Coors Light, Miller Lite and Coors Banquet also grew dollar share of total displays by over 3 points in the last four weeks. 

Sales trends were particularly favorable for Coors Light, with volume sales and velocities both up by double-digits in the latest four-week period. The brand also grew its display unit inventory by over 12%, representing over 160k more units on the floor.

Coors Light enters its “Choose Chill” era

According to the brand, the Big Game was also the perfect moment to send the world a new message about what consumers can expect when they drink Coors Light. "Choose Chill" is the brand's first major campaign evolution since its iconic "Made to Chill" platform debuted in 2019, preceding a resurgence for the fast-growing beer. 

In addition to new ads, “Choose Chill” will show up across Coors Light’s programming in 2024, which also includes a national music platform and a large-scale localization initiative across US markets.

"Whether you're a big football fan or just chilling in your football era, Coors Light is always the right choice," says Colucci. "The Chill Train was a hit, and we can't wait to show Coors Light drinkers what's next."