Coors Light hitches a ride to Kansas City’s championship parade

Kansas City is no stranger to celebrating championships, and neither is Coors Light.

As throngs of fans strapped on the ketchup-and-mustard, lining the streets of Kansas City yesterday to celebrate KC’s big game victory, plenty of Coors Light was on hand for revelers and a few prominent stars of the parade. 

“It was a big day in Kansas City and Coors Light wanted to have a presence to match the moment. Our local teams worked hard to make sure the brand showed up in a big way,” says Jeff Mann, Molson Coors’ general manager of sales for the Kansas City region. “From taking over a local bar to getting Coors Light into the hands of our town’s biggest stars, our team couldn’t have done a better job.”

The brand, which over the weekend starred in Molson Coors’ first Super Bowl commercial in more than 30 years, had an outsized presence before, during and after the parade.

A custom-wrapped Coors Light RV traveled from Arizona to Kansas City – and once it arrived, was stocked with Coors Light. The branded vehicle was available for VIPs to use before and after the parade.

Several players, including the team’s star quarterback, and team staffers sipped Coors Light atop a bus as it crawled along the parade route in downtown Kansas City, a spectacle that ricocheted across social media on Wednesday, and at the team’s rally at Union Station.

To cap off the celebration, which drew an estimated 1 million fans to downtown Kansas City, according to city officials, Coors Light turned on the taps for 15 minutes – for hundreds of thirsty fans at the KC Live! Block entertainment district. All told, Coors Light covered the cost of a free beer for nearly 500 fans.

Coors Light’s Super Bowl commercial co-star, Miller Lite, also nudged its way into the day’s celebrations.

After orchestrating a virtual game-day watch party for fans with team alumni, Miller Lite didn’t miss out on the parade either. The brand bought a digital billboard near Kansas City’s downtown arena congratulating the team with an illustrated Miller Lite can and “KC” inside a heart.

“Kansas City is an important market for us, and we’re so glad we were able to join these great fans on such a fun and exciting day,” Mann says. “And we’re just getting started in 2023. This is a huge college basketball town. St. Patrick’s Day is coming up and then baseball season. We’re ready to sell a ton of beer.”