Coors Light to star in Super Bowl ad

Molson Coors is going back to the big game, and it’s putting Coors Light under center.

Last year, Coors Light and Miller Lite headlined Molson Coors’ first Super Bowl ad in more than 30 years – and surprised everyone when it ended with a nod to Blue Moon Brewing Company. “The High-Stakes Beer Ad” was the top-rated beer ad from Ad Age and Adweek, which also ranked it the No. 3 Super Bowl commercial of the entire game. 

This year, it’s all about Rocky Mountain refreshment, and comes at a time of unprecedented momentum for Coors Light, the fastest-growing beer in the U.S., according to Circana data, and the top-selling light beer in Canada, according to Beer Canada.

“Our decision to feature Coors Light in next year’s big game comes after several years of improving results and at a time of game-changing momentum for Molson Coors, especially our biggest brands. Coors Light is the perfect brand to bring more chill when the heat is on at the biggest stage in sports,” says Sofia Colucci, Molson Coors’ chief marketing officer.

Coors Light’s marketing playbook has included more robust plans to showcase its football bona fides in 2023, including sponsoring ESPN’s “College GameDay,” thematic packaging and introducing the ultimate tailgating accessory, the Chill Throne.

The Chill Throne includes a cup holder to chill your Coors Light, a tap handle to turn a Coors Light can into a draught beer, a back massager, Bluetooth speakers, an astroturf footrest and more. While its initial run is sold out online, legal-age fans can enter for a chance to win one of their own.

“The big picture is Coors Light is all about owning game day for the season, and we have some of the biggest partners in college football to do that,” says Lauren Flicher, associate marketing manager for Coors Light.

And with its return to the Super Bowl, Coors Light is aiming to be the beer of choice for millions of pro football fans, too.