Coors Seltzer pledges to double water restoration efforts in Canada in 2022

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After a successful launch in Canada in 2021 backed by a mission to support water restoration projects across the country, Coors Seltzer is pledging to double its efforts this year, bringing its total to 6.5 billion liters.

The brand, which established itself as one of Canada’s leading hard seltzer brands in its first year in market with each 12-pack helping to restore 1,000 liters of Canada’s waters, will fund at least three new projects in the first half of 2022. 

“Water is an essential part of Canada’s DNA, and Coors Seltzer was launched with the goal of helping to protect our waterways,” says Ava Gladman, brand manager for Coors Seltzer. “By the end of 2022, we’ll have committed to restoring an additional 4.5 billion liters of water, ensuring our water systems are safeguarded during turbulent times.”

Twenty percent of the world’s fresh water flows into Canada from more than 8,500 rivers and 2 million lakes, and with Canada’s climate warming at double the global average, according to the Canadian government, the need to protect water systems is even greater, Gladman says.

Coors Seltzer is working with Change the Course, an organization that specializes in water restoration and conservation programs, to fund projects across Canada, including an effort to assist an indigenous community facing water-quality risks.

“Warming temperatures and other prevalent risks to water security and quality have made stewardship action in Canada more necessary than ever,” says Sara Hoversten, program director of Change the Course. “Demonstrating a large and significant commitment to local communities, Coors Seltzer has enabled projects that are helping to restore habitat, increase irrigation efficiencies and capture and filter stormwater to improve the health of our lakes, rivers, and waterways.”

Last year, the Coors Seltzer and Change the Course paired on seven projects in five provinces: reforestation after the Hanceville Fire to protect Fraser River in British Columbia; habitat restoration to protect Mimico Creek in Ontario; wetland restoration to protect the Annapolis River; acid rain mitigation to protect the West River in Nova Scotia; water quality improvement efforts to protect the North Saskatchewan River in Alberta; wetland restoration to protect the Champlain River and St-Maurice River; and wetland restoration to protect the Ottawa River in Quebec.

Launched in Canada last year alongside Vizzy Hard Seltzer, Coors Seltzer has already established itself as one of the country’s top brands, and both sit in the top 10 hard seltzer brands in the country.

Coors Seltzer kicked off with four flavors – Black Cherry, Mango, Lemon Lime and Grapefruit – and plans to introduce four new flavors in March.

Together, it and Vizzy own a 9 share of the hard seltzer statement.

Both brands remain a top priority for Molson Coors’ Canadian business for 2022.

“The reception to Coors Seltzer has been incredible. In a segment that’s growing very quickly in a sea of sameness, it’s refreshing to see a hard seltzer with a mission and a purpose bigger than itself,” Gladman says. “The way Canadians have gravitated towards our hard seltzer products shows just how important this segment is.”