Back to the Future With the Coors Banquet Bottle

This June, Coors Banquet launched the new Banquet Bottle. I use the term “new” loosely, as this bottle isn’t exactly new. It’s a piece of history pulled from the archives and re-released in a new era. And wouldn’t you know it, there’s an interesting story behind the beer (or in this case, behind the bottle).

As legends go, in 1936, Coors developed a shorter, stubbier bottle to save on glass and shipping. At the time, it was a smart move. Coors was coming out of Prohibition and cost-effective packaging was good for business. The stubby design also helped encourage the acceptance of canned beer, which also debuted in 1936. Consumers didn’t feel they were getting less beer in a can if the bottles and cans were close to the same size. This piece of packaging ingenuity inspired the Banquet Bottle found across America today.


To make something so practical yet timeless is par for the Coors course. And it’s a testament to a brand that does things the right way, like stubbornly brewing beer using 100% Rocky Mountain water and high-country barley for 140 years.

I got my first chance to drink out of the Banquet Bottle at an event honoring the top bar in Chicago as one of the “Best Banquet Bars in America.”

The relaunch of the Banquet Bottle joins our rich past with our bright future. The shorter design with a rounded top makes it easy to spot the brew in a slew of options at bars today. So, if you’re looking for something with heritage, pick up a Banquet Bottle and take a sip of something legendary.