Keylightful makes debut; issues casting call for the next Lil’ Breezy Keezy dog mascot

Keylightful is here.  

The fruit-forward raspberry lime beer packaged in splashy pink-and-neon-green cans began hitting shelves last week.

With a sunglasses-clad French bulldog named Lil’ Breezy Keezy serving as its mascot and as the centerpiece of a cheeky marketing campaign, Keylightful is premised on appealing to a group of younger legal-age drinkers who are not flocking to beer in the same way as generations prior.

The brand's campaign, which includes video spots, PR efforts and social media and retail advertising, kicked off this week with a call for entries in its search for the next Lil’ Breezy Keezy. 

The nationwide casting call seeks a canine to serve a year-round term as Keylightful’s official brand ambassador. The winning dog owner will win $10,000 and a year’s worth of Keylightful, which will be awarded as an additional $1,000 check. 

The brand also said it is partnering with the ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), with plans to donate $50,000 to support the nonprofit's efforts to care for, protect and rescue at-risk animals.

Keylightful, which checks in at 4.1% alcohol-by-volume with 125 calories per 12-ounce serving, debuted in select markets packaged in 12-packs and 30-packs.

The raspberry-forward beer is intended to go head-to-head with Natural Light’s Naturdays. Designed to “deliver flavor, sessionability and affordability,” Keylightful aims to give drinkers “another way into the beer category, through familiar flavors and a brand they know and trust,” says Josh Wexelbaum, director of North American economy brands at Molson Coors.

“Flavor is an important trend across beer, and we know our drinkers are looking for a smooth, sessionable option they can enjoy,” Wexelbaum says. “Keylightful hits the palate with a burst of raspberry and lime flavors, but finishes clean like a light beer.”

Keylightful is part of a broader Molson Coors effort to bring more younger legal-age drinkers into the beer category.