‘Tomorrow’s Favorite Beer’ Miller Extra Light gets off to hot start following rebrand

Miller Extra Light is getting a sales boost following its rebrand
✓ Low-alc volume trends are accelerating
✓ More drinkers are finding beverages to fit occasions

Nearly four months after a brand refresh, Miller Extra Light is off to a hot start with its new look and positioning.

With a new name and packaging showcasing its low-alcohol credentials, Miller Extra Light has seen a boost in sales to the tune of nearly 4% in volume sales and 6.5% in dollar sales, according to Circana multi-outlet and convenience store data for the 13 week-period that ended April 28. And distribution has grown by 8% since the rebrand, internal data show.


What’s more, Miller Extra Light – née Miller 64 – is in a class of its own when it comes to the low-alc space, says Anne Pando, director of activation for the Miller family of brands.

“The low-alc trends are even stronger now than we anticipated,” she says, citing IWSR data showing low-alcohol volume trends up 7% in 2023 and predicted to grow more than 10% by 2027.

  • Low-alc consumers are likely to choose low-alc products for some occasions and full-strength for others, according to IWSR, giving retailers an opportunity for incremental sales.
  • Millennials are the biggest consumers of low-alc products, with legal-age Gen Z drinkers joining the segment fastest, IWSR reported.


And while more drinkers are seeking out low-alc options to fit their moderation preferences, Miller Extra Light – at a 2.8% alcohol by volume and 64 calories – is giving them what they want, Pando says.

  • The brand conducted research with Miller Extra Light purchasers and found over 40% of respondents had not purchased it before.
  • The survey results were positive in key metrics with unanimous scores for future purchase intent and overall satisfaction, with nearly all purchasers planning to purchase again within the month.
  • “Miller Extra Light is hitting on all those key attributes a low-alc drinker is looking for: it’s got great taste, it’s low in alcohol content and it’s low in calories,” Pando says.

What’s the driving the brand’s resurgence? It helps to have the Miller name attached, Pando says, but consumer preferences are contributing, as well. More consumers are seeking moderation options – something that’s pushed the non-alc segment to new heights – and Miller Extra Light provides an option for more occasions, while supporting a balanced lifestyle.

  • As consumers seek options that fit the occasion, Pando says Miller Extra Light stands virtually alone as a low-alc offering.
  • AdAge noted low-alc drinking trends are among the top marketing opportunities for bev-alc brands this summer.

Dialing in on that message, the brand has released a new digital, social and out-of-home ad campaign highlighting its appeal to drinkers seeking moderation options.


  • It’s part of the biggest media push that brand has seen in years.


Pando says she’s excited by the consumer response to Miller Extra Light’s new look and product proposition, as well as the sales potential that comes with increased distribution.

“There’s lots of consumer demand for a beer like Miller Extra Light,” Pando says. “The more volume we can get out there this summer, the higher our incremental sales will be. We believe there’s a huge opportunity here.”