Miller Lite steps up holiday décor with drinkable ornaments

Don’t put the star on top of the tree just yet.

Miller Lite is putting its stamp on the holidays with Beernaments, its new line of drinkable décor that double as fully functional ornaments.

The Beernaments represent Miller Lite’s latest innovation in drinkware, following the Cantenna and the Shoezie. Fitting snugly around 8-ounce cans of Miller Lite, the Beernaments can be hung on the tree afterwards simply using the tab and a hook.

Six packs of Beernaments – beer sold separately – are available starting at 3 p.m. Eastern Time tomorrow for $19.75 at Miller Lite will release a limited quantity of Beernaments every day until they are sold out, and the brand expects them to be delivered by Dec. 25.

“With holiday gatherings ramping up, we know what people really want is authentic moments to connect with those they care about,” says Josh Robinson, associate marketing manager for Miller Lite. “Miller Lite’s Beernaments will make those moments fun and memorable.”

The brand has partnered with actor and comedian Jimmy O. Yang with a video where he shows how to best enjoy Beernaments, while providing his holiday decorating tips. The video shows Yang adorning his holiday tree with Beernaments, turning it from a sad afterthought into a 10-foot masterpiece.

“Longtime Miller Lite fan, first-time professional holiday decorator, I’m very excited to help bring Beernaments to beer lovers, holiday enthusiasts and just generally joy to the world,” Yang says. “Who wouldn’t want to drink beer out of an ornament?”

The Beernaments are Miller Lite’s latest efforts to encourage legal-age drinkers to “give the gift of Miller Time” this holiday season, alongside a new collection of holiday knitwear, available on its online store, and refreshed winter packaging featuring gift wrapped 12-packs of bottles and 16-ounce pints.

Miller Lite is looking to close out 2021 on a strong note. The brand is surging in the on-premise, where it’s gained 1.5 points of share of draft beer this year. It now commands a 10% share of draft in the channel, up from 8.5% last year, according to Beer Business Daily. That’s the most share it’s had in bars, taverns and restaurants since 2018.

“Miller Lite has always celebrated the holidays in its own special way, and this year is no different,” Robinson says. “Whether celebrating with friends at a bar or decorating at home, the holidays are truly Miller Time.”