‘Everyone In’ campaign rallies Molson brands in Canada

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As Molson Coors sees unprecedented momentum around its core beers in the United States, in Canada, Molson trademark brands are making some history of their own.

For the first time, Molson brands are collectively growing revenue, share and volume in Canada. What’s -more, as of this month, it’s now the second best-selling beer brand at Canada’s largest beer outlet, The Beer Store, behind Coors Light.

The key to Molson’s momentum lies in its new and successful marketing campaign, “Everyone In,” coupled with increased media investment and a story that’s connecting with Canadians across the country, reigniting interest around of the nation’s most historic brands.

“The tone of the brand has evolved to a have more welcoming and inclusive nature that really reflects what Canada is today,” says Sophia Lal, senior marketing manager for Molson brands. “‘Everyone In’ allows us to speak to those brand loyalists, but also a new generation of Canadians who are finding Molson has a special meaning to them, as well.”

The “Everyone In” campaign, which debuted in April, brought together all five Molson beer brands – Molson Canadian, Ultra, Export, Exel and Dry – aiming to show there’s a Molson brand for every type of person and every type of occasion, creating a bridge between older Molson fans and a new generation of Canadians who hadn’t been properly introduced to the brand.

With Molson closely associated with hockey, Lal says the brand worked to show up across Canada over the summer, increasing its media budget, releasing limited edition (and highly coveted) merch, and creating buzz with marketing plays like its recent Molson Exchange, in which it allowed Canadians to buy Molson beers with their leftover foreign currency.

That resulted in the historic growth trifecta, including growing volume nearly 6% (year to date, according to Beer Canada data, and Molson Canadian’s first year-over-year growth in many years. Molson brands are growing share in British Columbia, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Quebec, part of larger Molson Coors success that saw the company’s Canadian portfolio growing share in every region of the country and every segment.

“We really looked for ways to bring Canadians together no matter what the occasion or their beer preference,” Lal says. “Having every single brand contributing to share growth is pretty phenomenal and something we haven’t seen in a really long time. We’re seeing a Molson halo effect.”

With historic momentum in 2023 – which contributed to Molson being named a Brand of the Year by leading Canadian marketing magazine Strategy – the brand is looking ahead to sustaining its success in 2024. It will reinforce its hockey credentials with programming linked to the National Hockey League and the four teams for which it’s the official beer, the Edmonton Oilers, Montreal Canadiens, Ottawa Senators and Toronto Maple Leafs.

It plans to push its Molson Ultra, a light beer with 70 calories per 355 mL, and again will boost its profile in the summer with an increased media budget.

“Our 2024 plans aim to build on the foundation we have in 2023 and make them bigger and better,” Lal says. “Seeing the success of Molson this year has been really exciting and galvanizing for a lot of people. Molson’s got its swagger back.”