Everyone In: Molson’s new campaign is ‘a love letter to Canada’

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With a legacy dating back to its founding in Montreal in 1786, Molson is deeply entwined in Canadian history and culture. And a new campaign released this week looks to capture the hearts of Canadians and celebrate what it means to be Canadian in 2023.

“It’s very much a love letter to Canada, and we wanted every Canadian to see themselves in this campaign,” says a Molson brands spokesperson.

The campaign, titled “Everyone In,” centers on the idea that Molson has brought people together for generations – at their favorite bars and restaurants, barber shops and hangouts. A new TV ad, which stars real Canadian friends and family in their favorite places, began airing across the country this week. The spot airing in Quebec was filmed in Montreal. Both versions play against the backdrop of “One Dance” by Canadian musician Drake.

“In order to reflect what it means to be Canadian today, we wanted to show the diversity of our people and Molson’s portfolio. Whether you want the perfect lager or ale, a low-calorie option or a non-alcohol beer, there is something for everyone and for every occasion,” the spokesperson says.

The ad for the first time brings together Molson brands, including Molson Canadian, Molson Export and Molson Ultra, as well as Molson Dry and Molson Exel. It is part of the brand’s biggest media investment in five years. In addition to TV, the new campaign will show up across digital and social channels, out-of-home ads and even on Twitch, the video-game streaming platform.

In 2000, Molson Canadian struck a chord with its iconic “I Am Canadian” ad, which celebrated the nation’s virtues, from its prime minister to its national animal, the beaver. Today, Molson Canadian continues to be closely associated with hockey, it’s important for the franchise to broaden its appeal.

“We want to ignite a sense of togetherness for every Canadian. We believe those connections are so critical, and we want to invite the next generation of legal-age Canadian drinkers to have a Molson with us,” the spokesperson says.

As Molson ramps up its campaign this spring, the franchise has bounced back in the sales category. Molson Canadian grew share and revenue in Canada last year, and it continues to beat expectations in 2023, according to Beer Canada data. Molson Export is growing as well, and the team sees more potential for Molson Ultra, she says.

“We’re building a lot of momentum across the portfolio. What get us so excited is that we have this momentum before the campaign’s even gone live,” the spokesperson says. “There's a lot of excitement around Molson right now, and we know that giving Canadians a way to see themselves in our campaign will take this brand even further in 2023."