Movo, a new line of canned wine spritzers from Molson Coors, launches nationwide

Movo, Molson Coors Beverage Co.’s new line of canned wine spritzers, has launched nationwide, representing the company’s biggest step into the fast-growing wine category. 

With 100 calories per 8.4-ounce can, Movo comes in three flavors — Peach White Blend, Raspberry Rosé and Blood Orange Sangria.

Movo, “a modern take on vino, exists to modernize the world of wine. It’s refreshingly bold, bubbly and portable,” says Lisa Rudman, who oversees the brand as director of North American marketing innovation at Molson Coors.

Made from wine, sparkling water, fruit juice and natural flavors, Movo has no sugar added and is gluten-free. The brand contains 5.5% alcohol-by-volume and is available in four-packs of slim cans. Molson Coors is positioning the spritzers as a modern, sessionable foil to traditional wine.

“Traditional canned wine tends to be heavy, but Movo Wine Spritzers are light, refreshing and easy-to-drink,” Rudman says. “We wanted to rewrite the rules of traditional canned wine and give drinkers a better option.”

The brand hits retail at a time when canned wine sales are on the rise, due in part to pantry loading. Year-to-date, the wine category overall is up nearly double over the past year — 95% — according to Nielsen all-outlet and convenience data through March 21.

Movo is among a handful of innovations launched in recent months by Molson Coors as the company seeks to create new vehicles for growth in both the beer category and in adjacent spaces beyond traditional beer.

With a digital-led campaign that includes a heavy social media presence and online videos that will run across a variety of sites, Movo pokes fun at wine snobbery with lines such as “Screw the corkscrew,” and “No glass? No problem.”

“We know timing isn’t ideal to launch a new brand, and we’ve thought long and hard about how we wanted to announce Movo’s debut,” Rudman says. “The product started appearing on shelves in March, so we thought it was necessary to tell consumers about our product and who we are."