Blue Moon cooks up Thanksgiving with stars of YouTube’s ‘Binging with Babish'

Large gatherings are discouraged this Thanksgiving, but everyone is invited to a virtual feast inspired by Blue Moon cooked up by YouTube culinary stars Andrew Rae and Sohla El-Waylly.

The pair behind the “Babish Culinary Universe” YouTube channel, which boasts more than 8 million subscribers, will take fans on a two-hour, interactive culinary pilgrimage that home cooks of any skill can complete. Fans can cook along online or on the “Babish Culinary Universe” YouTube channel on Nov. 19 at 4 p.m. CT.

Rae, a self-taught chef-turned-YouTube star, made his name recreating dishes from movies and TV, such as SpongeBob’s Krabby Patty and ratatouille from, well, “Ratatouille”.  El-Waylly is a chef, restaurateur and food personality who collaborates with Rae on his Babish Culinary Universe YouTube channel. 

Rae and El-Waylly developed four recipes – each available online at – that pair well with the bright, citrusy flavor of Blue Moon: southwest spatchcock turkey, elote spoonbread with chili and lime, queso broccoli casserole and Blue Moon caramel orange cake. Fans also can get a 50% rebate on 12-packs of Blue Moon purchased for the event.

“Just because many of us aren’t going home for Thanksgiving doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a dinner just as delicious,” Rae says. “We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to partner with Blue Moon to show people how to make simple and unique dishes for Thanksgiving, and add a special touch to the holiday.”

Each dish has elements that complement Blue Moon. The mild citrus flavor from the turkey’s coriander rub, for instance, matches the overall flavor profile of Blue Moon, which is brewed with coriander. The orange flavors of the spoon bread and cake pair well with the beer known for its signature Valencia orange wheel garnish. The unique ingredients of the casserole include citrus, allowing it to pair well with Blue Moon, as well, says Rachel Boykins, senior marketing manager for Blue Moon.

 “You don’t have to be a celebrity chef to cook these meals,” Boykins says. “This year, some people might be cooking a Thanksgiving meal for the first time. You might be a die-hard foodie or someone who has just bought a pan. No matter what, you can definitely cook these recipes.”

While fans interact with the two chefs, they are also invited to donate to international nonprofit Action Against Hunger via Super Chats during the livestream. Blue Moon will match all donations made during the livestream event.

At the end of the live-cooking event, fans will be prepared to cook a memorable Thanksgiving meal, Boykins says.

“Blue Moon is a very special craft beer with a brightness that pairs well with food,” she says. “We believe in things being well crafted, and that is very much in line with the Babish philosophy.”