Blue Moon LightSky partners with The Home Edit to kick off 2021 campaign

Blue Moon LightSky is partnering with home organization company and the breakout star of the 2020 Netflix hit series “Get Organized with The Home Edit” on a new campaign prodding people to declutter their homes – in exchange for a six-pack of Blue Moon LightSky.

The fast-growing beer brand, which ranked as the top new beer released in 2020, is working with Joanna Teplin and Clea Shearer, founders of The Home Edit, on a promotion called “Lighten Up," which encourages drinkers to ditch six items they no longer use in exchange for a six-pack.

The campaign, which runs through March 31, also will award one winner with a virtual one-on-one session with Teplin and Shearer, who rose to fame with a wildly popular Instagram account, website, book and merchandise line built around decluttering peoples’ homes and lives. Their company, The Home Edit, became something of a millennial household name in 2020 with its Netflix series, which featured Teplin and Shearer visiting customers’ (and celebrities’) homes and putting their organizational acumen to work. 

“What we love about Clea and Joanna are their dynamic personalities and their light-hearted approach to getting organized,” says Rose Osial, marketing manager for Blue Moon LightSky. “The whole idea of this campaign is shedding the weight of winter, of 2020, of quarantine. Like The Home Edit, LightSky is all about the idea that making modest improvements – small changes – to your lifestyle can make a big impact.”

Teplin and Shearer said the act of decluttering and ditching the excess “stuff” accumulated during a year in quarantine will help “reset our minds and feel lighter” heading into spring. 

Molson Coors is promoting the campaign via social media and public relations efforts, while The Home Edit is running a series of promoted posts to amplify the program, Osial says. Drinkers age 21 and older can participate by following Blue Moon on Instagram and Twitter and sharing a photo of the six items they’ve identified for donation along with the hashtags #LightSkyLightenUp and #sweeps. Blue Moon will send eligible participants a six-pack of LightSky (awarded as $15.) From there, participants can donate their items to charity via a prepaid shipping label from Give Back Box.

The partnership with The Home Edit is the first volley in Blue Moon LightSky’s 2021 marketing campaign, which includes digital, social and TV and will amp up this spring and continue well into summer. The goal is to continue building momentum for one of Molson Coors’ emerging star brands, which is expected to continue exponential growth in 2021 after eclipsing expectations on its debut in 2020.

“We’ll be focused this year on dialing up the burst of tangerine flavor that keeps drinkers coming back to LightSky,” Osial says. “We got a good boost from independent distribution last month and really strong chain support coming up. Last year was an amazing launch, but we’re pushing to reach new heights in 2021.”