Blue Moon a Top 10 Growth Brand

Even as craft beer struggles in 2017, Blue Moon Belgian White has cracked the Nielsen top 10 growth brand list.

Blue Moon case sales were up 6.1 percent year-to-date through June 10, according to Nielsen cross-channel data. It was up 9.1 percent during the latest four-week period.

Blue Moon, the country’s largest craft brand, is accelerating even as the total craft segment is going in the opposite direction, according to Nielsen. Craft case sales were up 0.2 percent year-to-date, but down 1.4 percent during the latest four weeks.

(As previously reported by Behind the Beer News, craft sales – including those of Blue Moon – are getting hit hard in California).

Blue Moon gained 0.1 share during the latest four weeks, according to Nielsen.

The average case price for Blue Moon Belgian White is up 67 cents per case, in line with the average increase of 68 cents for craft, according to Nielsen.

Blue Moon Belgian White’s volume performance earned it the No. 10 spot on Nielsen’s list. Blue Moon Belgian White joins Keystone Light (No. 4) and Hamm’s (No. 9) on the list.

Blue Moon is bouncing back from a tough 2016. Behind the Beer News last month talked to senior brand manager Chris Steele about how the 21-year-old brand was changing its approach in 2017.

We came into the new year with a plan to get it back on track. That started with putting more focus on Belgian White, including significant investment in national media for the brand’s new creative campaign and refreshed packaging graphics. As a result of that and activating some other proven brand programs, we saw Blue Moon Belgian White return to growth in the first quarter.

The total Blue Moon franchise has been gaining traction as well. The total franchise is up 0.7 percent during the latest four weeks, compared to down 0.5 percent year-to-date. This year has marked the return of the popular Blue Moon Summer Honey Wheat, the introduction of Blue Moon Mango Wheat in variety packs and the rollout of Blue Moon Belgian White in aluminum pints.