Blue Moon unveils new campaign heralding the return of the on-premise — and the return of summer

The top-selling craft brand in the U.S. is out with a new marketing campaign promising that brighter days are ahead.  

With more Americans vaccinated and on-premise venues such as bars and restaurants opening in waves across the country, Blue Moon is seeking to remind drinkers of the joy of experiencing a draft beer at their favorite spot.

The brand this week is launching three new 15-second video spots showcasing Blue Moon Belgian White poured into its specialty glassware and garnished with its signature orange in intimate bar settings where drinkers traditionally connect. The ads, two in English and one in Spanish, are slated to air on TV, streaming services and online throughout the spring.

“In addition to reminding people how delicious this one-of-a-kind beer is, we’re also spotlighting the fact that, for many Americans, they’re now or will soon be able to experience it in a bar for the first time in more than a year,” says Mara Schaefer, senior director of marketing for above-premium in the U.S.


With the new tagline “Brighter Days Ahead,” the brand is seeking to protect its on-premise dominance across the U.S., a critical channel heading into summer, particularly as more venues trim their draft lists as they try to find their footing in a post-pandemic world.

Despite the loss of draft volume because of pandemic-related restrictions, the Blue Moon family remains the No. 1 craft brand in the U.S. as measured by both sales and volume, according to year-to-date IRI multi-outlet and convenience data through April 25. And flagship Belgian White is building momentum, with on-premise volume up 42% in March as compared with February, per brand data.

“As restrictions across the U.S. continue to loosen, we’re starting to see the brand have its moment,” says Rachel Boykins, a senior marketing manager for Blue Moon. “People are coming back to Blue Moon, and we expect to continue to see that strength as the year wears on.”

Branding facelift and a shift into cans

Blue Moon’s cans and bottles also received a minor facelift to help the brand feel “a bit more modern and updated on the shelf,” Boykins says. “With craft, there’s something new every week. And even though we have such strong equity to protect with Belgian White, we’ve got to continue to stay modern and relevant.”

And while bottles have long been Belgian White’s strong suit, the brand is shifting more volume into cans in response to rising demand aligned with overarching trends within the craft segment.

Along with Belgian White, Blue Moon Mango Wheat and Blue Moon Honey Daze (a reformulated and rebranded version of Honey Wheat) also are moving into cans, which Boykins says will help the brand play better in additional outdoor occasions and in channels such as convenience and drug stores.

No stopping Blue Moon LightSky

Then there’s the rocket ship that is Blue Moon LightSky, the easy-drinking, 95-calorie wheat beer brewed with real tangerine peel. The brand, which ranked as the top new beer innovation released in 2020, is the top craft share gainer in dollar and volume sales in 2021, per IRI.

Schaefer says she expects LightSky to continue its fiery trajectory this summer as it builds brand awareness and distribution. As of May 1, the brand is available in all Buffalo Wild Wings locations in the U.S., and it plans a new summer campaign that will launch around Memorial Day.

“We’re super bullish about LightSky, and we’re committed to aggressively growing it as quickly and sustainably as possible,” Schaefer says. “It provides with a strong one-two punch alongside Belgian White and sets us up for a great summer.”