Blue Moon’s LightSky jumps to hot start, builds momentum with national ad campaign

A national advertising campaign hit airwaves today introducing drinkers to Blue Moon LightSky, a beer that might not need much introduction.

Released nationally just three months ago, the new 95-calorie wheat ale developed by the brewing team at Blue Moon’s RiNo brewery in Denver is already the No. 1 new beer innovation by sales and a top-30 IRI craft brand, bolstered by a sleek look and the halo effect of the Blue Moon brand.

Now, with Memorial Day and the start of summer on the horizon, Molson Coors Beverage Co. is supporting the new beer with a nationwide marketing campaign that kicked off with a 15-second TV and digital spot, which will begin running online today. The new ad will air on live TV broadcasts, including the Taylor Swift “City of Lover” on ABC on May 17 and the 2020 ESPY Awards in July, as well as on streaming services like Hulu and YouTube. To further reach their millennial and legal-age Gen-Z consumer target, the brand is also investing behind custom content on platforms like Snapchat and Giphy.

Entitled “Cloud,” the debut spot welcomes drinkers to “the light side of the moon,” and positions LightSky as a crisp, 95-calorie beer that’s perfect for sipping when the sun is out, says Andrew “Max” Walker, vice president for marketing for Molson Coors Beverage Co.’s above-premium beer brands.

“We know that summertime and daytime drinking occasions are going to be better suited to a light, sessionable beer, like LightSky,” he says, of the 95-calorie ale, which has 3.6 grams of carbohydrates and 4% alcohol by volume in each 12-ounce slim can. Brewed with real tangerine peel, LightSky’s bright citrus aroma is complemented by a touch of malt sweetness, finishing clean with a hint of tropical fruit.

LightSky has benefited from the Blue Moon “halo effect” as consumers turn toward trusted beer brands, Walker says, making it Blue Moon’s number two seller behind its flagship Belgian White.

“When consumers are buying the product, they’re buying it again,” Walker says. “Drinkers don’t want to compromise on taste or quality, so when you think about Blue Moon LightSky being brewed with real tangerine peel, and being a wheat ale with only 95 calories, to be able to combine that into one liquid, consumers are saying that’s something they want.”

The beer is part of a wave of new Molson Coors products that appeal to a younger demographic of legal-age drinkers interested in flavorful beverages that they perceive fit with an active lifestyle. In addition to the sessionable, 95-calorie ale, Molson Coors recently introduced Vizzy Hard Seltzer, made with antioxidant vitamin C from acerola superfruit, and its 100-calorie per 8.4 ounce serving gluten-free canned sparkling wine, MOVO.

LightSky debuted in February with plans for a robust national marketing campaign that included and activation plans. Those plans were upended by the coronavirus pandemic, which makes the new paid advertising campaign – as well as the brand’s strong association with Blue Moon – all the more important, Walker says.

“We’ve been fortunate that consumers have naturally thought to pick this product off the shelf, but it’s time to introduce LightSky to even more drinkers,” he says.

With peak beer-drinking season primed to begin, Walker says the brand is poised to pick up even more momentum.