Bud Light to roll a Texas label?

Bud Light appears poised to introduce a Texas-specific label, based on a filing with the TTB.

The label incorporates elements of the state seal of Texas, including a five-pointed star. It bears the legend “Texan Brewed” and calls out that it is “brewed deep in the heart of Texas.” (ABI has a brewery in Houston.)

The label would mean that both Budweiser and Bud Light would have Texas labels in the Lone Star State. As first reported in April by Behind the Beer News, Bud is introducing labels bearing the names of the states where it has brewing operations.

Bud Light’s share in Texas year-to-date has declined 1.5 points to 23.8 percent amid a tough category, according to Nielsen data through the week ending July 15. (Nationally, Bud Light has 18.2 percent share.)

Miller Lite’s share in Texas has declined 0.2 points during the same period and Coors Light has slipped 0.3 points, according to Nielsen.