Hamm’s and The Big Green Egg team up for ‘Green Eggs and Hamm’s’ promotion

Green Eggs and Hamm’s.

The well-known combination has been part of the American cultural lexicon since 1960. And The Big Green Egg and Hamm’s are teaming up this summer to put their own twist on the phrase with a new promotion that kicked off last week.

The two brands will give away custom Hamm’s branded MiniMax Big Green Egg ceramic grills to 20 ultimate “Hammpions” of the grill in a social media contest that runs through August 10. Fans must follow both @hammsthebeer and @biggreenegg on Instagram and submit a photo or a video and a maximum of 150 words on why they deserve to win. Entries must tag the Hamm’s Instagram handle and include the hashtags #GreenEggandHamms and #Contest.

“The Big Green Egg offers a classic take on grilling, and Hamm’s is the ultimate classic beer,” says Mary Beugelsdijk, associate marketing manager for the beer brand. “It’s no secret that people are looking for different ways to up their at-home cooking game during this time. This has been especially true of our Hamm’s fans and our target drinkers, who’ve already been taking to social media to show off their newfound culinary skills. We saw this as the perfect opportunity to partner with a world-class company to reward our biggest fans and bring more drinkers into the Hamm’s family.”

With a Hamm’s logo emblazoned on the temperature gauge of the high-end ceramic grill, the 20 custom MiniMax Big Green Eggs will go to fans who show the most creativity and spirit in their submissions. The grills, which boast 133 square inches of grilling space and retail for $598, are easily transportable for Hamm’s fans seeking to take their party to the beach, a lake, or on their apartment deck in the city, Beugelsdijk says.

“This is the perfect grill for our Hamm’s recruitment target, people age 21-to-34 who appreciate heritage and quality,” she says.

Winners will be announced on Hamm’s social channels Aug. 18-20.

The promotion comes as Hamm’s is picking up momentum in the off-premise, based in part on its value proposition and large pack size, which is appealing to consumers during the pandemic, she says. And while Hamm’s was showing momentum in bars and taverns in 2019, stay-at-home orders and mandatory closures in many states shifted the brand’s growth opportunity into the off-premise and at-home occasions in 2020.

Hamm’s also plans to roll out a retail extension to the program this fall, using the grills as centerpieces for in-store displays in core Hamm’s markets.

“Hamm’s was already accelerating in the on-premise, and in 2020, we wanted to capture that momentum and bring it into the off-premise,” Beugelsdijk says. “We needed something at retail to stand out with younger legal-age drinkers, and we recognize we have a real opportunity as drinkers become more cost-conscious due to the economic uncertainty.

"Hamm’s stands apart as a brand with its 150 years of heritage and a fun, offbeat brand personality. And because of that, it offers something truly unique at its price point.”