Henry’s Hard Soda unveils new television ads in time for summer hard soda spike

Henry's Hard Soda this week is releasing two new television ads in an effort to jolt consumer awareness ahead of hard soda's biggest selling season.

The new ads, which each end with the tagline "Good Hard Fun," are part of a multimillion-dollar investment to grow the brand's leadership position in hard sodas, says Josh Wexelbaum, marketing director for the brand.

The product-centric spots feature bottle shots of the brand's three colorful flavors: Orange, Grape and the newly released Lemon Lime, and carry a lighthearted tone. "Henry's is all about fun," Wexelbaum says. "You're going to see us embracing our bold colors, familiar soda flavors and connecting with that sense of personal nostalgia that makes this brand tick."



Henry's finished 2017 as the top-selling hard soda in America according to key Nielsen measures, including case volume, velocity and case share through Dec. 30.

This run of ads marks the third consecutive year the brand will be promoted on TV, making it the only hard soda with a national TV presence, Wexelbaum says. MillerCoors also is supporting the brand with digital and out-of-home elements, such as billboards and bus stop posters.

Henry's Hard Soda will be on the air throughout the spring and early summer months, when hard soda sales spike. The category is hyperseasonal, with Henry's velocity increasing by more than 60 percent from January to June, Wexelbaum says.

Henry's initial round of ads focus on Henry's Hard Lemon Lime, which launched nationally on Jan. 8 in six-packs of 12-ounce bottles. With its hazy neon green appearance and citrus flavors, Lemon Lime fits alongside Hard Orange and Hard Grape, both of which boast bold colors and familiar fruit flavors.

The brand in January also launched single-serve and four-packs of 16-ounce cans of Henry’s Hard Grape, joining 16-ounce cans of Henry’s Hard Orange. Both hard sodas are expected to perform well in concessions settings, such as fairs, festivals, sporting events and concerts.

Hard sodas turned in a tough 2017 in part because Wexelbaum thinks the category was oversaturated with look-alike brands that bogged down sales. But he views hard soda as viable over the long term because it disproportionately brings in new drinkers to beer and there's ample sustained demand for nostalgic beverages that are bright, colorful and fun, Wexelbaum says.

"Henry's is uniquely positioned to own this category," he says. "The truth is, we move faster than anyone else in hard soda, and we're intent on continuing to grow share and grow our business."