Here are the new TV spots for Peroni and Saint Archer Gold

Peroni Nastro Azzurro and Saint Archer Gold, two of MillerCoors’ biggest bets for 2019, each debuted this week a round of new TV spots.

Peroni, the easy-drinking, fast-growing Italian import, this year for the first time is going national with an all-out marketing campaign as it seeks to continue outpacing the import segment.

Backed by substantial distribution gains — which include more than 16,000 new placements across the U.S. — and a bigger advertising budget, Peroni is up 26.8 percent in sales volume so far this year, nearly double its 14.2 percent volume increase for 2018, per Nielsen data.

It’s got a new tagline (Birra Beautifully); it moved into sleek, updated packaging; and it is about to introduce a new 500-milliliter can, which will help the brand gain entry to venues like stadiums, hotels and concert halls.

It will make its big splash March 25, when it turns on two 30-second television spots, two 15-second spots and a pair of six-second spots that also will air on digital and social media.

The videos, each of which feature a strong female lead and a high-end fashion and design aesthetic, are “whimsical and convey luxury and a sense of place,” says Katie Feldman, the marketing manager for Peroni and other MillerCoors prestige import brands. “They convey that Peroni is a premium brand, but it can fit into the everyday lives of people and remind them that there are everyday moments of beauty.”



Saint Archer Gold

San Diego’s Saint Archer Brewery also is turning on new TV spots that aim to introduce drinkers in new markets to Saint Archer Gold, its new craft light lager that checks in at 95 calories and 2.6 grams of carbs per 12-ounce serving.

Aimed at active, health-conscious 25- to 44-year-old men and women, the brand rolled out late February in four test markets: Austin, Texas; Charlotte, N.C.; Indianapolis and Arizona.

The Helles-style lager so far has received “a great early response from retailers and consumers,” says Paul Verdu, vice president of sales and marketing for Tenth and Blake, the MillerCoors craft and prestige import arm. “Saint Archer is a craft brewery that literally was built for this active lifestyle space from Day 1 in Southern California. It has a message that no other above-premium light beer can deliver with that kind of authenticity.”

Saint Archer Gold is crisp and easy drinking, but with a more hop-forward flavor profile than competitors in the ultra-light segment, such as Michelob Ultra and Corona Premier. Its calorie and carb counts, meanwhile, fall in line with those beers, as well as select American light lagers such as Miller Lite.

MillerCoors is bullish on its chances.

“As marketers, our job is about storytelling, and with Saint Archer Gold, we have a hell of a story to tell,” Verdu says. “It’s a great brewery, a great brand plus a great beer. We believe we can own this space.”