Miller Fortune Inspires Bold Actions

The Launch of Miller Fortune

Our bold actions started 18 months ago when we set out to create a more spirited beer - a beer that embodies the image of whiskey brands but drinks like a golden lager. Miller Fortune is brewed with specially-roasted caramel malts and cascade hops for a rich, balanced flavor with subtle sweetness. It’s served in embossed jet black bottles and is undistilled to finish smooth at 6.9% ABV.

If you have not met RISK yet, he and other street artists took the Miller Ace of Spades from the Miller Fortune packaging and showcased their vision of the brand and described it in their own words. Watch the video below and keep checking up on all the mural work from Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, New Orleans, Atlanta and Philadelphia on our YouTube channel.


Your Fortune Awaits

See what Miller Fortune drinkers are up to at #yourfortuneawaits. Check out @millerfortune  on Twitter or visit Facebook or YouTube, and take a look at what some of our friends like RISK are doing.

Wait to hear more about the Miller Fortune brand next time, but in the meantime…Your Fortune Awaits.

Miller Fortune logo with RISK