Miller Genuine Draft Get Fresh Tour

Drawing from its heritage in music, Miller Genuine Draft recently kicked off its first-ever Get Fresh Music Tour.

The three-city tour will highlight local, up-and-coming artists in some of MGD’s most popular cities. This program is ideal for urban beer drinkers seeking new sounds from artists in their area. Sir Michael Rocks started things off with a bang on June 27, at the Double Door in Chicago. A Chicago native, he took the stage in front of some of his most passionate fans.

This was my first time experiencing a live activation for MGD, as I very recently joined the brand team. I have to say, it was a fun time! Using local artists gave the show a unique energy. From the stage, Sir Michael Rocks engaged the fans like friends. Our promotional music packaging was on full display, and I was happy to see that the brand was being sampled as well.

To make that event a success, MGD partnered with Complex, a media network hooked into everything our trendsetting beer drinkers are looking for. They had a team on-hand making sure that the Double Door looked like an MGD venue. They did a great job! Our signage was everywhere, and the MGD backdrop was a huge hit for pictures. will feature exclusive interviews and footage from each event as well.

Our field marketing team was a huge help, too. The event was featured on the radio and out-of-home billboards. They also coordinated a pre-party event to spread the word and hand out tickets to some deserving fans.

Building off the success of the Chicago event is a key for the brand team leading into the next tour stop, in San Francisco on the 25th of this month. That event will feature Mistah F.A.B., a Bay Area hip-hop artist who has built a significant following since debuting nationally in 2006.

The tour ends with figurative fireworks as Hit Boy closes the tour in Los Angeles on August 29. He is an accomplished producer, arranging songs for hip-hop’s elite. Now making his name on the other side of the microphone, Hit Boy is a great closer for the Get Fresh Tour.

The Get Fresh Tour was designed to link the brand to the artists and the energy of the city. From my perspective, the crowd’s atmosphere, Sir Michael Rocks’ energy, and the presence of MGD’s music packaging proved this event to be a success. Here’s to two more just like it!