Miller High Life pushes to establish ‘Champagne of Beers Region’

Under European law, Champagne isn’t truly Champagne unless it comes from the French region of the same name.

Miller High Life, which has positioned itself as a “beer that celebrates beer,” thinks the Champagne of Beers deserves the same distinction, so the brand has started a petition to designate the borders of Molson Coors Beverage Company’s Milwaukee brewery as the Champagne of Beers Region.

“To protect its name and the quality it stands for, Champagne has a region in France.  We feel it should be no different for Miller High Life,” says Anne Pando, senior marketing manager for the Miller family of brands.

Starting Thursday fans can sign the petition through the end of May, at which point Miller High Life will present it to Milwaukee’s common council in hopes the Champagne of Beers Region will be officially recognized.


Just as the Champagne region is a tourist destination for oenophiles, Miller High Life is looking to boost tourism among beer lovers in the Champagne of Beers Region in Milwaukee.

It’s even seeking to appoint its first-ever Champagne of Beers Region ambassador, a title that has perks including $20,000 in cash, beer for a year and an all-expenses paid trip to Milwaukee. To enter, fans can go to and explain why they deserve to be named ambassador.

Miller High Life, first brewed in 1903, has long called itself the Champagne of Beers. Bubbly and effervescent, it’s packaged in a clear, long-neck bottle that resembles a Champagne bottle. Today it honors its long heritage as a beer to celebrate everyday moments.

The “Champagne of Beers Region” campaign is part of the Miller family of brands’ endeavor to position itself as a portfolio of beers made for people who love beer. Each beer with the Miller name – Miller Lite, Miller High Life, MGD and Miller64 – offers beer lovers a distinct proposition, Pando says.

“Frederick Miller wanted to make a quality beer that was accessible to all, and we want to celebrate that,” Pando says. “And there’s nothing better than tasting Miller High Life, freshly brewed in the Champagne of Beers Region.”