Milwaukee Brewers to see what's brewing at MillerCoors ...

Three members of the Milwaukee Brewers next week will visit MillerCoors to get started on a beer that will be available later this year at Miller Park.

First baseman Eric Thames, reliever Oliver Drake along with pitcher – and home brewer – Cory Knebel on Monday will use their off day to go to the Milwaukee brewery to meet with MillerCoors brewmasters.

From a release describing the Brewers visit to MillerCoors:

Thames has submitted his “wish list” for style, taste, appearance, and aroma to the experts, and on Monday he and his teammates will begin the production phase at the MillerCoors pilot brewery.

The beer’s name will be announced at a later date as fans will have an opportunity to sample the beer in a limited release run at Miller Park later this summer.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel also covered the story.

MillerCoors is a longtime sponsor of the Milwaukee Brewers, who are now in first place in the National League’s Central Division.