Molson Canadian to launch brand redesign in the U.S.

Starting this month, Molson Canadian is getting a new look in the U.S. market.

The updated packaging for the Canadian lager — Molson’s flagship brand — will begin rolling out to 10 states this month and continue a soft transition over the next few months. The refresh, which matches the packaging that rolled out in Canada about a year ago, aims to root the brand in its rich heritage and restore equity to the Molson name, says Alex Sponga, the Toronto-based marketing manager for the brand.

The brand’s new cans, bottles and cardboard packs are white, red and blue and emphasize the Molson name in a stylized font pulled from the brand’s archives. They also pay homage to the brewery’s history with elements like its founding location (Montreal) and year (1786);  a graphic invoking the hexagonal clock on its landmark Montreal brewery; and founder John Molson’s signature.

The redesign extends across the Molson portfolio in Canada and will slowly trickle into the U.S. as well, Sponga says. “As we look to the future, we wanted a more cohesive look across variants, which gives us brand blocking on shelves and power in numbers.

“Our focus in the U.S. is to make sure our visual identity is consistent,” she says. “Considering the bulk of our volume is sold so close to our shared border, we want to ensure drinkers have the same branded experience whether they’re at a (Buffalo) Bills game or a (Toronto Maple) Leafs game.”

Molson, North America's oldest brewer, unveiled the redesign early this year in its home market with a campaign called “History Is In Your Hands,” which shined a spotlight on the company’s 233-year history and legacy. The approach aimed to weave its heritage into its design and bring a common visual look to its portfolio of beers.

Extending the redesign to the U.S. “allows us to have a platform to build Molson-led communications and innovation in both the U.S. and Canada,” says Joy Ghosh, director of the Molson family of brands. "Having one brand identity for the Molson family of brands in North America provides for stronger brand identity, consumer awareness and consistent messaging."