The only BYOB guide you'll ever need

Say you’ve got a first date lined up at a great BYOB sushi place.

“I’ll bring the beer,” you say.

Nice move. Shows confidence.

There are no rules when pairing food and beer, but you might want to save your best barrel-aged imperial stout for another time.

Sushi’s delicate flavors are better suited for a beer (or — spoiler alert — cider) that doesn’t come on so strong.

Pro tips

Find our recommendations below in the ultimate beer pairing guide, which was created with our ultimate beer pairing guide — Jason Pratt, who runs beer education at MillerCoors and was the world's 11th Master Cicerone (there are only 13).

He’s here to help you make the best BYOB calls for a sushi date, pizza night or birthday dinner at that new Thai place down the street.

And if you need an icebreaker, feel free to casually mention your knowledgeable friend Jason who helped you pick out the beer.

BYOB guide