Promoting Water Stewardship at MillerCoors' Breweries

Water flows through every step of the brewing process, from the barley field to the bottling line. The availability of clean, fresh water is critical to MillerCoors – and to our communities. We continuously seek new ways to use less water.

We’ve saved more than 1.1 billion gallons of water since 2011, which could supply 11,500 American households with water for a whole year.

To help protect and sustain the supply of our most essential ingredient, we have established a four-part water stewardship strategy:

  1. Water usage: Improve water efficiency in our operations.
  2. Wastewater: Protect water quality with modern treatment technology and strict wastewater management controls.
  3. Watershed assessments: Understand our breweries’ and agricultural supply chain’s watersheds through risk assessment.
  4. Community investments: Support water stewardship in our communities.

For more information about our water stewardship efforts, see our 2014 MillerCoors Sustainability Report.