Winners and losers during a tough Memorial Day

The summer selling season got off to a slow start over Memorial Day, according to Nielsen cross-channel data.

Beer category volume fell 3.4 percent during the two weeks ending June 4, worse than the previous 13-week period (-0.4 percent), according to Nielsen.

Imports and Super Premium were the two big winners, according to Nielsen. Craft and Economy were flat. Premium Light, FMBs and Premium Regular all lost share.

Here’s a share performance overview by segment, starting with the share winners.

  • Imports gained 1.0 share, driven by Modelo Especial (+0.6 points), Corona Extra (+0.2 points), Stella Artois (+0.1 points) and Pacifico Clara (+0.1 points), according to Nielsen. Other imports were flat.
  • Super Premium grew 0.5 points, according to Nielsen. Michelob Ultra gained 0.8 share, driven in part by increased feature and display activity. Michelob Ultra’s success offset 0.1 point declines by Bud Light Lime and Bud Light Platinum.
  • Craft share was flat, compared to a trend of +0.1 share for the 13 weeks, according to Nielsen. Blue Moon Belgian White added 0.1 share points, making it the only craft to gain share. Samuel Adams and Shock Top were each down 0.1 points.
  • Economy was also flat, better than its 13-week trend, according to Nielsen. Keystone Light was up 0.2 points while Bud Ice, Rolling Rock and Hamm’s each picked up 0.1 share. Natural Ice, Milwaukee’s Best and Icehouse all lost share.
  • FMBs lost 0.2 share. White Claw Hard Seltzer, Mike’s Harder and Truly Spiked & Sparkling all grew share, Redd’s Wicked was flat and Henry’s Hard Soda, Redd’s base, Not Your Father’s and Best Damn all declined by 0.1 points. Bud Light Ritas saw the biggest share decline, down 0.2 points.
  • Premium Regular lost 0.3 share, according to Nielsen. Budweiser lost 0.4 share. Coors Banquet was up 0.1 points and Miller Genuine Draft was flat.
  • Premium Lights were down 1.1 share, driven by a 1-point share loss by Bud Light, according to Nielsen. Miller Lite was flat and Coors Light lost 0.1 share.

Industry leader ABI lost 1.2 share points over the holiday, according to Nielsen, worse than its 13-week trend.

ABI’s average case price was up 11 cents during the two-week period, according to Nielsen. However, if you back out Michelob Ultra and Stella Artois, average case price was down 8 cents. (For the 13-week period, it’s +18 cents and -2 cents, respectively.)

MillerCoors share was essentially flat, down 0.1 points, according to Nielsen. That was an improvement from its 13-week trend.

The average case price for MillerCoors during the period was down 7 cents, compared to up 3 cents for the 13-week period, according to Nielsen.